Sunday, July 16, 2017


Twenty years later things looked a little less bleak.
Oh, yes - The winter of acid folk rock.
Bar 23
Asked to help out a friend (stage name Mr. E) with some equipment for gigs in a dive Bar 23 on soi nana, Chinatown, I’d taken the favor as a challenge. I had a notion about a dishwasher from Belarus with movie star aspirations. He boards the wrong cargo ship and ends up in Bangkok rather than California. He washes dishes for the quasi-stars, is recruited by a shady talent agency and slums it with the failed actors and drunken singers and feral hookers in the Bangkok metropolis. I’d written as a musical over a weekend the songs were pregnant in my mind.
Broadside on stage sat writing sensation, creator of the world’s first slice of viral media and all round best buddy Hugh Gallagher on drums. Gallagher was the man behind MTV generation star Von Von Von and back in town after a year’s stint back in the States producing the world’s first book of spirituality to contain the phrase motherfucker eighty-three times.
Me and Von.
His handbook the
I Ching eagerly promoted around this time betwixt sessions hitting the camel-skinned bongos.
An acoustic guitar and a zoom effects unit – but this was art for art’s sake. Apart from beer, which to be fair, I had my fair share of – this was a non-paying gig.    
Practical people don’t have children. A film, a book, a painting, is like a child. A thing we bring into the world with the best intentions – but sometimes the world has other ideas. Sometimes the world decides to quit shaving and smoke cigars and hang out on lower Sukhumvit Road.
Arriving in Bangkok sixteen years ago, the words started flowing as soon as the city surrounded my anxious naivety.  

Jim Algie, Me, and Thom Locke at the Checkinn99
After the acid folk sessions I’d entered one of my old haunts that spring – The Checkinn99 on Sukhumvit Road – I’d put the spot on the literati map having conceived and hosted a series of literary events from 2014. The Night of Noir – Bangkok saw a host of international writers dropping by and reading from their work. 
 It was here that we'd work on a ghost hunting documentary and edge closer to the film world. 

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